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Published: Australian Financial Review

The horrific bikie attack in the main hall of the Qantas Departure lounge has the head of the AFP, Mick Keelty, making a lame and none too intelligent excuse as to why violence amounting to terrorism went unchecked by his officers and the systems which he claims are in place to prevent this type of attack.

Keelty claimed the attack appeared to be well planned and that it occurred quickly, as reasons in mitigation of the failure of his officers to respond. I would have thought most terrorist attacks would have these characteristics as the hallmark of an attack.

Keelty is faced with a failure of his surveillance systems and the rapid response of officers charged with airport security. This failure is likely to be based on poor training and poor leadership. All of which are Keelty’s responsibility.

Keelty has been quick to bask in praise but very slow to accept responsibility when things go wrong, such as the Solomons, Haneef, failure to intercept the record levels of heroin coming into Australia and now this airport fiasco.

Keelty has done well out of the war on terror. He has built an empire on the back of it. But he is so blinded by his own formula for dealing with nasty middle-east terrorists that he quite overlooked any other form of danger to public safety including natural events.

He should be sacked.