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Published: Canberra Times & Australian Financial Review

I have paid my tax assessment. Within a week of doing so I learnt that tax refunds were delayed.
It is said that this delay is due to difficulties with the installation of a new computer program.

I don’t believe this. I think that my refund is on the short term money market to help fill the black hole created by Rudd’s GFC panic.

With no advice or apology I rang the Treasurer. I was flicked to Nick Sherry’s office. A polite young man went through the installation problem and managed a weak laugh when I made the sly remark that this was not a government strong on installation.

I noted that the government’s churlishness in meeting its obligations might lead some taxpayers to similar action. He told me that all the compliance computers were working and that people should think twice before adopting what he termed a negative course of action.

I suggested that the Taxation Department flick these computers over to processing our cheques. He took me seriously, explaining they were programmed differently, but soon sensed that I was in no mood to be deflected.

He then asked if I was suffering undue hardship because if so I could be fast tracked. Taken aback I asked if he meant jump the queue. He said yes, in cases of hardship, payments had been expedited through the Ministers office.

Well you can imagine how I felt. I said that I thought this was a government actively opposed to queue jumping; he managed another weak laugh.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I received a statement from the tax office this week for tax due on my Super Fund with the advice that if I do not pay