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Published: Canberra Times – Letter to the editor

It is a shame that there are so few historians or even people of intellect amongst the spoilers in the Liberal Party. If there were they might be cognizant of the disastrous 1954 split in the Labor Party which led to the formation of the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) in 1957. The DLP acted as a spoiler to keep the Labor Party from power for the next eighteen years.

They had a conservative, if not reactionary agenda, of anti most things including communism, abortion, pornography and homosexuality, and change except state funding of Catholic schools. They did however support Australian involvement in Vietnam.

To achieve their aim of keeping the Labor Party out of office the DLP distributed preferences to the Liberal Country Party Coalition.

The Liberal Party together with their coalition partners are heading down the same path. Selfishness and stupidity Rules the day. Minchin and his mob make a very ordinary Rudd Labor Party look positively brilliant.

The Liberal Party, on present form, looks unelectable until 2016, but the chances are that it will split after an election, rendering the likelihood of conservative parties achieving office unlikely until 2019 or 2022.

Well done Nick Minchin. What matter of principal was it that invoked this split?

Joe Hockey has been played for a sucker. A leader needs to be able to inspire respect and Joe will find that in short supply.