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Lecture: Lost Oportunities and Possibilities in Australian Foreign Policy

Bruce Haigh argues that Australian foreign policy has been, and remains, inept in advancing Australia’s national interest. Given the limited independence of Australia’s Foreign Minister, and the trend of governments to be perpetually in election mode, Australian foreign policy is too often managed to maximum domestic political gain by the Prime Minister, with negative fallout reserved for Ministers. What has changed since the election of the Rudd Government? How does Australia manage the dual rise of India and China? What understanding does the Rudd government have of the Middle East, or of Afghanistan and Pakistan? Haigh argues that Australia could be capable of meeting the substantial challenges it faces, but that its governments ceaselessly misuse, bungle or outsource policy formulation. His lecture addressed these problems, and suggested the way forward to a truly Australian Foreign Policy

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Bruce Haigh joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1972, and undertook postings to Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. He is the author of several books on Australian Foreign Policy, and currently works as a political commentator and correspondent for some of Australia’s most respected media providers.

Published: The Australian National University – ANU Podcasts – ANU News