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Published: Mudgee Guardian

An act of wilful corporate vandalism has been committed on the trees and shrubs surrounding Big W.

The decision to impose a very large box on a prime sight in Mudgee was opposed by many Mudgee residents. After a deal of public pressure was brought to bear on the management of Woolworths the design was modified slightly. The major concession was that a heritage fence would be built around the car park and trees and shrubs planted to soften the building and screen the car park from the road.

Someone has authorised the massacre of the screen and the Council appears complicit. Who controls the streetscape of Mudgee? This act of corporate vandalism breaks the agreement that council had with Big W.

It is not through the efforts or concern of council that Mudgee retains aesthetic appeal, so valued by many residents and tourists. It is these tourists that bring dollars to the wineries and small businesses.

Mudgee council is poor on parks and trees. It cut down an avenue of elms on the Gulgong entrance to town which were a WW1 Memorial planted in 1920 and the replacement trees are not being looked after and are in poor condition.

I am sick of the self seekers on council, both elected and staff, who take plenty but give little in return. A majority of councillors are smug philistines bending to the slightest pressure and are too eager to serve vested interests.

The council must make whoever it was who engineered this civic vandalism make good the damage.
Elected councillors and senior paid staff have a mandate to build a new library, how dare the general manager try and break that compact and how weak of the mayor and other councillors to let him act as their stalking horse; or is he running Mudgee?

The desecration of the Big W garden was the straw that broke my back and zapped what little tolerance I had left for a mob of idle rent seekers. Do something, try and show a modicum of intelligence, if not common sense and start to act in the public interest.

The enduring monument to the current general manager is a large patch of dirt preserved for posterity in the centre of town as memorial to the vested interests that have been allowed to shape everything that is ugly in this town.