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A well liked and well respected local specialist, Dr David Amos has been subjected to the most unconscionable acts of prolonged bulling that I can recall and it continues.

Dr Amos is an outstanding cardiologist of 25 years experience. He was chipped by a colleague, who is not a cardiologist, for unprofessional conduct. Naturally a dispute occurred. The colleague, with the backing of the hospital administration, escalated the matter.

An independent investigation was conducted, the results of which were given to the hospital administration and the manager of the Western Health Medical District. Naturally Dr Amos asked to see the report, after some time he was given a copy which was so heavily redacted as to make it meaningless. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the report was very critical of the hospital administration and the area health management including the principal, Scott McLachlan.

To prove their bona fides the hospital and area health management should give Dr Amos an unredacted copy.

The dispute recently went to the Supreme Court which stayed its hand as it gave the area health management the opportunity to act properly with respect to Dr Amos. They are prevaricating, apparently trying to save face and seeking to appeal to one side in a faction riven hospital caused by questionable employment practices and self interest.

The actions against Dr Amos have made the majority of the staff at the hospital very unhappy. It has caused many patients and members of the community to be unhappy and angry.

Dr Amos is not allowed to enter the hospital to see his patients and has been asked to eat humble pie and to humiliate himself by undergoing training for anger manager management before he can re-enter the hospital. For those who know him this is a joke. There are others who are party to this dispute who should undergo that training.

This dispute underlines the poor standard of hospital and local health administration. It reflects poorly on the Minister who has shown herself to be partisan and out of touch. It also reflects on the ability of Orange to attract doctors of high quality.

Bruce Haigh, retired Diplomat.